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We are a specialized in buggy repairs with cleaning & servicing. We deal all kind of buggies. We provide you a very convinient way of pick & drop your buggies to our pickup points or via mails with a nominal charges.

Our work flow is very simple

1. Customer call us

2. Our technician assist the initial problem on telephone and he can request you to send some photos/video alongwith the mail to info@buggyrepairservices.com

3. Our technician also suggest the convinient way to

3.1 Pick up the buggy from you OR give you

3.2 Drop down point near to your location OR

3.3 Request you to mail the buggy to our workshop directly

4. Our technician also help you to find out the initial charges including part replacement.

5. We normally take 3 working days for servicing & for repairs if parts are available we normally advice 5-7 working days.

6. Our charges are very economical and starting from £32.99 for servicing & cleaning